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Rosas MCG

  • Monday Night @ 6:00 PM

  • Leaders: Kyle and Marisa 

  • Contact: 406-890-5232

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Red Hawk MCG

  • Tuesday Night @ 6:00 PM

  • Leaders: Brue and Jessica

  • Contact: 406-890-5204

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Nuclues MCG

  • Tuesday Nigth @ 6:00 PM

  • Leader: Joel Landis 

  • Contact: 406-858-0064


Gateway church is made up of small groups of people, who are connected together by the gospel, while seeking to engage their local community with the love of Jesus. Missional Community is the primary way to connect with others at Gateway and live life on mission together. 

Missional Community is at the heart of living out the mission and vision that God has given Gateway Church. We believe that we grow in the context of family not in isolation. Jesus calls His people to live in community, living life together as we seek to share the gospel with our friends, neighbors, coworkers and city.


We want to be a movement: we want to be rapidly growing, dynamic, multiplying disciples – just like the early church. To do this, every believer has to get involved in the mission.


Missional Community Group

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